Can someone give me a 1 Minute speech on any of the below topics ? How Can I Make Good Friends And Not Be/Feel So Alone? Thesis topic suggestion related to Accessibility , Usability , or Web 2.0 Internet? Please help me!!? Grendel isnt an evil person why? I ran a stop light and caused an accident.? I have no questions, otherhy don't Catholics believe "Once Saved, Always Saved"? We're all undeserving.? In your daily affairs, how do you deal with your gumption vs your intelligence ? Urghh, GCSE options....? Question for AS Media Essay.? Can anyone explain the Big Deal behind Spring (for java apps) in a sensible way? Is this a good college application essay?

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when applying to the federal government do i have to include both a cover letter... need ideas for a managerial accounting paper i got to do?...