Can someone give me a 1 Minute speech on any of the below topics ? How would I change this quote? Should Breed-Specific laws be passed in certain Cities/States banning "Pit Bulls"? Help with College paper? i need to know about women & the scientific revolution? How are computers used in the baking and pastry career field? KRHH: I'm Cool With RhymeSayer But....? Why do we do daylight savings time? do u have to have an agent to get a role on a new pilot? How is the play Medea more about hate than love ??? :)? How is this increase in taxes, suggested by the IMF, going to save the world? Question on misconception of graffiti...? Good websites to post resumes for the medical field? Can someone help me with this prompt for an essay? Is there supposed to be a semicolon in this sentence?

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A “Matter” of Illusions | The Mystical Path
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Einstein and God : Strange Notions
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reviw my story. it's called "reverse rescue"?...